The bliss point is the term i coined for the moment when i transcend into gamma brain waves and feel the sensation of peace wash over me during a meditation.

In 2010 i was officially diagnosed with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder. I was told that the likelihood was I would suffer from anxiety related issues for the rest of my life. I couldn’t really ever remember a time when I didn’t have some form of low level anxiety. Whether it be a feeling of dread or a physical symptom, anxiety was always part of my life. I had many episodes of depression, some in the form of post natal and others just from life circumstances. I was placed on anti depressants many times from 19 years old til 40.

There was a point in my early 30’s when an ambulance was called as i was having pains in my arm and chest, which later turned out to be a random anxiety attack. In 2019 after the death of my mother my anxiety levels skyrocketed and i was suffering from daily panic attacks, a few months later after the death of my father i became suicidal. Now many would say i was depressed, however i would say that the extent of the grief i naturally felt had overshadowed everything and i just didn’t have the capacity to deal with my grief along with, work, children, and life in general. Thankfully after reaching out to friends and family i was able to find the support i needed to live each new day and with a focus on exercise, i managed to get through the challenging feelings i felt.

Despite my great diet and love for exercise my physical health started to take a turn for the worst and within months and during the beginning of the covid pandemic i started suffering from various health complications related to stress. Living a life on high alert had eventually taken its toll on me. Now i was no longer in danger, life was settled and i was dealing with my grief effectively, my body finally had time and the excess energy to express its wearing down and it was doing so with gusto. It started with severe headaches, then jaw pain and just a general exhaustion that signalled time to take care of myself was overdue.

I began a journey to try and find a cure for my health issues and hopefully my mental issues too. I read book after book on different kinds of therapies from somatic healing to EFT, i watched documentaries on diet and how to heal the body through food. I found evidence to show that the jaw pain i was experiencing was likely due to supressed anger, and the exhaustion was that my adrenal glands were burnt out. Thankfully due to the pandemic i was able to slow down and look after myself, eat well, meditate, get outside into the sun and learn to love life once again. Then i came across some work done by Dr Joe Dispenza which piqued my interest greatly.

The upshot of what i was watching and reading is we can heal ourselves through meditation, setting intentions and the ‘placebo effect’. It was all subjects i have heard before, but had never thought that it could actually work. It can seem quite a far-fetched concept. That we have the internal capability to heal ourselves with just our mind. However, bare with me here. Every external wound you have had has ALWAYS healed. Every graze, every cut, every bruise has healed by nothing more than the bodies regenerative qualities. Even those who have had major surgery, they healed. So its not too much of a stretch to think that we have the ability to heal our brain, or indeed other ailments within our body. If we look at my anxiety more closely, I had suffered abuse as a child, then again as an adult. It had taught me i needed to be in a place of fight or flight consistently. Life could potentially blow up in my face and i had to be ready when it did. My body had almost become addicted to the chemicals that are produced during these responses. Without the ability to calm my autonomic nervous system, the place where fight our flight stems from, how could i teach my body a new way to react? Essentially I had my foot on the accelerator and the break at the same time. My body was confused. It had learned a way to stay safe and unlearning it was going to be a tough challenge. I essentially had to shut off the old unconscious pathways and relearn new ones, but had no idea how to access the unconscious part of me.

I set out to test a theory that I had came across from Dr Joe Dispenza and was astonished at the results. When I first stumbled across something Dr Dispenza called ‘gamma brain waves’ i was not sure exactly what i was really doing. All I knew was i felt an increasing amount of peace in my life each time i meditated. I continued to meditate and work on myself daily, reading books to further my understanding, implementing boundary setting with those around me, learning to love myself again and inner child and shadow work to look at the aspects of myself I had suppressed. Barely 3 months after my first Gamma Brain wave experience i had a revelation that changed my life.


In fact, I realised I hadn’t felt anxious in months. When challenging life circumstances came alone, which they inevitably did, I was no longer enveloped by them. I felt the feelings in my body, accepted them and within as little as 20 minutes, the feeling that felt intense, had gone.

The low laying anxiety I had felt forever, it was gone. G.O.N.E not temporarily, it just was no longer there. No brief respite, months had gone by and NOTHING. I knew with every fibre of my being that it was never going to come back. My meditation had healed a once riddled with anxiety mind.

I have spoken to many people about my experiences and one conversation sticks out in my mind, The lady said that she could see my astonishment that there was actually life without anxiety. Without a constant fear. Without a want to not be here anymore. She could see my excitement about how I could live and grow now the black cloud had been lifted. It was really true, I could not remember living without anxiety, I didn’t even think it was possible.

Yet here I am telling you that it IS POSSIBLE and you could too.

Through a taught method of meditation and breathing techniques, we can cultivate the ideal circumstances in our body. By achieving a state of being that brings our energy points back into alignment, calms our nervous system, improves our capabilities to mobilise the bodies own natural healing abilities and access trapped energies in our physical bodies.

I am offering a 6 week course. In which we will get together once a week for 3-4 hours to learn and practise the meditation method i used and some other techniques to relearn how to effectively master my emotions, and live in the present moment. Each week you will have various activities to complete to help reprogram your brain and build new neural pathways that will expedite your healing experience. At the end of the 6 weeks, we should see a marked improvement to your anxiety, and hopefully if you have really given your all to the process a complete reversal on any anxiety. If not, you will be invited back to continue with me, until there is change. I think it’s important that each person is fully supported through this journey and am aware some people take longer to get the desired results.

In order to complete this course you should be well versed in meditation. If you are a beginner, then i suggest you take one of my beginner meditation courses first. Its not to say you cannot take this course as a beginner, however, many find meditating a challenge at first and we will be meditating for several hours at a time.

If you sign up for this course you will receive:

  • A 40 page printed booklet with course details, explanations and illustrations of some of the more comprehensive subjects, with plenty of room for notes, and journal space.

  • 3 MP3 meditations to use at your leisure as well as links to some online free meditations i use regularly.

  • 6 up to 4 hour weekly group sessions, where we learn the underpinning of how i learned to overcome years of anxiety, how we can relearn behavioural patterns and how to achieve ‘The Bliss Point’ in order to heal ourselves.

  • A comprehensive list of further learning for those whom wish to continue further on in their healing journey.

  • Access to an exclusive group for those who are undertaking the course, to share stories and further healing, make new friends and feel supported in their new journey. I will be at hand to answer any questions during this time.

The Content of this course will include:

  • 3 vital breathing techniques to access the ability to reach gamma brain waves.

  • How to access repressed energy to use during meditation.

  • Understanding emotional cycles, challenging thought patterns and gaining emotional mastery.

  • Mindfulness and how to achieve brain and heart coherence.

The course cost is £799 and my books are open with a limited 10 spaces. If you are interested in joining the next course, please get in touch using the form below!

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