Do you have flexible thinking?

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The way in which we think can have a massive impact on the quality of our life. Rigid thinking or ‘inflexible’ thinking occurs in a person whom thinks their point of view is most important and therefore must be correct. They reject the ideas of others and become easily offended when others disagree or do not meet their expectations. They will only listen to have their own ideas validated and have no interest in listening to other ideas or beliefs that contradict their own.

People with rigid thinking often find themselves in situations where, due to their limited mindset. Become depressed as they are unable to grow and evolve. They struggle with friendships and often feel very alone. Does this sound like you?

Growth is hugely beneficial to us as humans, without growth we tend to wither away in old mindsets and beliefs, while those around us change and evolve into more flexible versions of themselves.

Flexible thinkers generally have very open minds, and love new ideas and perspectives, they accept and agree that there are truths beyond what they currently know or have experienced. They try to not make harsh assumptions and actively listen to people to gain an insight into the new realities they are being exposed to. They allow time to reflect on new ideas they do not yet understand and they try not to judge or jump to conclusions. They are usually very good listeners and make people feel safe and heard, when talking to them.

This kind of mindset means that the flexible thinker is always growing in points of view and knowledge. Their friendships grow and evolve as they learn new skillsets and beliefs and they generally have a more positive outlook on life. They understand that beliefs they have held in the past may no longer be useful and are happy to upgrade these in order to further their life path.

The are happy to be challenged and often you find they no longer project unkindness to those who oppose their beliefs, even if they choose not to agree. Overall they are happier and they seek to understand rather than seek to be right.

Do you feel that you have inflexible thinking that is holding you back in life? Get in touch to discuss ways in which we can help you to regain a more open point of view and inject some positive outlooks and growth to your life.

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